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September 26, 2012

Believing the Promise

“Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord.” (Luke 1:45)

I came across this verse the other day in my daily Chronological Study Bible (NKJV) reading and although I’d read it many times before, it stood out to me as never before.  I wanted to weep because of the powerful impact the verse had on me.  The Word of God literally transformed from a logos (written word) to a rhema (living word) before my very eyes!  This, for me, was a seal of God’s approval on my current life situation as well as an encouragement to keep believing and trusting in His Word.  The next verse in my mind and words out of my mouth were, “Lord, I believe!  Help my unbelief!”  Have you ever been there before?

Professional Matters

In March of this year, I felt the need to visit my spiritual father.  I needed to hear a word from him that would speak into and transform my situation.  Real talk: being a twenty-something running your own business and building your own literary platforms is NOT easy.  Yet I knew that that was what God had called me to do.  Spiritually, I was sure, yet realistically I looked crazy.  (You don’t have to be a Christian to feel this way, only a visionary.)

In November of 2011, a friend-of-a-friend offered me a very lucrative position in his company that suited the terms I was looking for job-wise (I was trying to set aside my business to look for a regular, temporary 9 to 5).  Indeed it seems that he actually set up the position with me in mind.  Yet, immediately after hanging up the phone with him, I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I knew meant I wasn’t supposed to take the job.  Logically, everything about the job made sense—the ability to work remotely, the money, the employer, etc.—yet I knew spiritually, I wasn’t supposed to take it.  I had no reason, no facts to back up my decision; only a feeling.

When it came time to start explaining why I wasn’t taking the job—never easy when loved ones are involved—I was at a loss.  I was able to explain to my friend whose friend had suggested the position in the first place and he—after thorough questioning—left the matter to my judgment.  However, my beloved mentor did not respond so well.

Months later, after I thought an understanding had been reached, he informed that he believed I had “missed it.”  With all the love of a concerned father and friend, his words were not intended to harm or hurt, but they did.  Yet I knew what I believed and despite the looks of my situation, I stuck to my guns.  Fast forward to visiting my spiritual father.

I got EXACTLY what I needed from God!  He gave my pastor the words I needed that would seal my actions and push me further in the right direction:

“I (God) didn’t call you to work for man; I called you to work for Me.  I have called you to have your own business….I am going to give you ideas—every one is a business; write them down.”

It confirmed to me, not only my decision to pass up the job offer, but also the future of my company and the expansions, ideas, and inventions thereof!  What an awesome word!

When God gives you a word, it will always be better, smarter, and wiser, than any piece of advice or direction your advisors, colleagues, and loved ones can give.  Even if the world disagrees with you (which it often will), you must remain true to God’s Word!


Personal Matters

Professional matters are not the only areas in which God can give you promises.  More often than not, it has to do with some area of your personal life: relationships, family, friends, ministry, etc.  I will not bore you with the details of my personal promises, but I will say this: just as all of Herod’s army was released to murder every single male-child aged two and under in attempt to kill Jesus, Satan too will release every distraction and destruction possible against you to discourage you from believing in and thus, receiving the fruit of your promise.

Just think about this: when the Virgin Mary was being prophesied to by her cousin Elizabeth in Luke 1:45, she was living in a time when young women were stoned to death for sex outside of marriage—which is what most people would assume the teen had participated in, Mary’s divine conception did not appear to be a blessing or realistic.  The only other logical alternative to Mary willfully fornicating would have been that she was raped, and with imaginations running rampant, people probably would have assumed little Mary was raped by a Roman soldier.  Basically, unless she moved somewhere people didn’t know her, Mary’s reputation was totally shot.  This is exactly what the enemy would love to do to your reputation.

Satan would love to cause you to doubt in the Word of the Lord for your life, but if you give in, you’ll be guilty of doubt which is the opposite of faith without which it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).  Dwelling in doubt will cause you to speak words that cancel out God’s promises and you don’t want that.  Instead of giving into Satan’s deception of doubt, take your cue from me (and the man in the Bible) and cry out, “Lord, I believe!  Help my unbelief!”  That way, you admit your faith and ask God to increase it at the same time!  God will ALWAYS cause His word to come to past.  And when it does, you will indeed experience the “fulfillment of those things which were told” to you!

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September 13, 2012

Need Inspiration?? Walk Away

Some people may consider this a horrible trait of mine, but in this season where I am not married and have no children, I often stay up ‘til the wee smas of the morning after a long day in my home office and read.  If I log off a couple hours earlier than usual, then I’ll head downstairs for some grub and, yes, a little movie/TV R&R—and then I head back upstairs to read.  It’s my little escape that keeps my mind off my company, blogs, columns, and social media outlets.  It’s these escapes that provide me with a bit of inspiration for the next day or for a new idea.  How do you get inspired?

DA Weddings Inspiration

On Monday I made a run to my local county library and left with 7 DVDs and 3 books.  Needless to say, my R&R will be particularly exciting over the next span of weeks and months! But this time it wasn’t the Lady of Avalon from Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon series, Farmer Giles of Ham by Tolkien, or The King’s Speech that inspired me, but Barbara Streisand in Hello Dolly!, that fabulous period musical directed by the late, great Gene Kelly.

I have ALWAYS been in love with (Barbara and) the golden gilded gown she dons for her appearance at the HarmoniaGardens in turn-of-the-century New York City.  It was this gown that inspired today’s wedding blog post.  My inspiration comes from ALL OVER so I just try to keep my eyes open and record my thoughts before I forget them.  You too can do this.

DA Luxury Inspiration

I may not indulge in too many little luxuries or spending sprees these days, but one of the luxuries I’ve maintained since my college years was my magazine subscriptions: usually Harper’s Bazaar, but also currently Marie Claire (my first subscription to them), Marie Claire @Work (if you ladies haven’t checked this new publication out, you should!), TOWN & COUNTRY, Elle Decor (Elle soon to come as well), and Latina that somehow wound up in my mailbox, but pleases me just the same.

Note: I RARELY purchase magazines off the rack unless it’s the occasional Martha Stewart Weddings or BRIDE’S Magazine from the airport convenience store.  With the great single and dual magazine subscription deals which are only a tiny fraction of the cost of actually purchasing the subscription off the rack as well as the plethora of magazine apps, there’s no need to pay full price unless you just feel like wasting money.  But back to the topic at hand….

Flipping through the magazines gives me the inspiration I need for things like my new blog DA Luxury or for products I would personally like to produce in the future.  Whether it’s a new jeweler like Efva Attling from Stockholm, Sweden (Harper’s Bazaar, September 2012), Aerin Lauder’s new venture (TOWN & COUNTRY September 2012), or new home and office décor from Restoration Hardware’s Big Style, Small Spaces.  Many of these individuals/products/pieces will be featured in my blog or added to my personal or corporate vision board for the future.

God Idea Inspiration

Sometimes reading or hearing about what someone else has done is very encouraging and a source of motivation for you.  If Kim Kardashian can make it with nothing but a pretty face and a hustle, can’t I who actually has talent?  If a college [drop-out] can create Microsoft or Facebook, can’t I create something equally or more useful and desirable?  What is awesome and sucks about all those particular products out there; can’t I take the best and worst of both worlds and create something much better?  The list goes on.  You never know what you see, hear, or do that may lead you to you next “God idea.”

Maybe you’re like RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice and know that you don’t want your new cocktail to be “diety” like Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl cocktail supposedly is.  (Think this to yourself—do not trash talk your competition out loud, and certainly not on a national/international level!)  Maybe you want to combine the Martha Stewart of Generation Y.  Maybe you’re a man who wants to break the “gay male event planner” stereotype.  Do it!  If it is truly your passion and you have God’s seal of approval—regardless of what anyone says or thinks—you will succeed in His perfect timing.

Keep your eyes open to unlikely inspiration.  It doesn’t have to be deep, hidden, or mystical.  It can be as plain as watching your favourite commercial on TV or walking your dog in the park.  Whatever it is, pray that God would bring you God ideas—and that you actually see them.  If you are sincere in your petition, God will answer you!  Take heart: the worse the economy, the more God will want to bless His children financially!

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If you would like to use this post, feel free!  Just be sure to include this blurb with today’s blog:

Desiree M. Mondesir is the CEO and Founder of Desired Assistance or “DA” virtual writing and editing company which also encompasses DA Inspires, DA WeddingsDA Luxury and her self-titled authoress blog.  As a dedicated writer and entrepreneur, Desiree seeks to inspire the imagination, educate her readers, and challenge the toxic mindsets of individuals all over the world.  Sign up for a FREE subscription at

September 4, 2012

Guest Post: What Gabby Douglas Showed ME about Elevating Your Influence

Stewarding your gift means putting yourself in a position to be heard. And if there’s anyone who can model that for us, it’s Gabby Douglas. Now, face it, you probably didn’t know who she was two months ago. I know I didn’t…

But by now we all have heard her story: She trusted her calling, she put in the work, she prepared and prepared, she prayed and she showed up in London in the absolute fullness of her gift. When the time came to perform, she sent the blessings up to God and they fell back down upon her.

At 4’11 and the age of 16, Gabby has stood on the global stage and put herself in a position to be heard. She’s taken her “royal” position as a minister to the world.

And here’s what I believe this spirited and courageous young firecracker  can teach us visionary leaders and dreamers about the marketplace…

Hire a Good Coach. “I’ve got to get a coach I can believe in, and who believes in me,” Gabby told her mom two years ago. She left home and went to live with a family she’d never met in Iowa, because her new coach had a gym there. She made her decision—and that was that. She was lonely. She was homesick. And she stuck it out for her dream, with a coach who believed in her. Have you made the decision to invest in a coach who believes in your dream?

Be Consistent. Gabby recognized her own gift (her mother reports she could do perfect cartwheels at the age of 3) and said YES to her dream. God chose her and she owned it. You know how I like to say, Many are called, but few choose to answer that call? Well, she did, again and again and again. Former Olympian Kerri Strug wrote, “Gabby held her lead by staying dedicated to what she could control—her own skills and routines.” Where do you need to be more consistent, show more effort, be more dedicated?

Live in Faith. When you walk in pursuit of your purpose, you will be protected. Gabby moved 3,000 miles from home at age 14—and found a loving “second family” who took awesome care of her. Her mom emailed a scripture every day before practice. In an interview, Gabby said, “I wanted to perform for sharing God’s glory. When you’re scared of [learning a new] skill you just have to rely on God. He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of peace, love and sound mind. If I keep falling… I meditate. We have to put on the full armor of God so we are ready and prepared.” When fear knocks at your door, how do you strengthen your faith?

The promise is waiting for you. Thanks for showing us how it works, Gabby.


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