Desired Assistance

About Desired Assistance

Desired Assistance is a virtual writing and editing company started in 2010 by Desiree M. Mondesir.  The concept is to take the cost-efficiency and outsourcing of virtual assisting and apply it to the area of writing and editing.  Not everyone can afford or desires to have an in-house writer/editor on their staff.  Some others do not have the need for an in-house or staff writer/editor; your projects and assignments may be less frequent than that.  Enter Desired Assistance.

If you desire a virtual staff writer and or editor, than Desired Assistance is for you.  If you have a writing assignment needing completion every blue moon, than Desired Assistance is for you.  If you need a writer at your beck and call on a monthly basis, than Desired Assistance is for you.  Whether you are a CEO or a pastor, celebrity or celebrity event planner, author or entrepreneur, than Desired Assistance is for you!

Our Mission

-To provide affordable assistance where you have none

-To provide a professional, secondary set of eyes for your written projects

-To assist you in finding your literary voice

-To complete every project, large or small, in a spirit of excellence.

Our Inquiry Process

Email or Call us.

-We will email you a standard Project Questionnaire for you to complete and return to us.

-Attach your work, up to the first 50 pages if a manuscript, if an editing/rewriting project.

-We will respond shortly with a realistic rate quote.

-Once agreed, we’ll provide you with a writing/editing agreement for the protection of all parties involved to sign.

-The first half of the quoted payment will be submitted via PayPayl along with any necessary research before the work is commenced.

-Upon receipt of the completed project, the second half/remainder of the payment will be submitted via PayPayl.

-An invoice will be provided for your tax records for all payments received.

Desired Assistance Service Rates

Each project varies in complexity and necessity (i.e. the level of editing/writing requested. After reviewing your project, I can quote a rate (by word/page/hour/project). I follow the rate structure recommended by the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA).

Disclaimer: According to the EFA, each page is defined as 250 words.

Editing Services & Rates

Types of Editing:

Proofreading: Required for pieces that have already been thoroughly edited and very well-written. Consists of very little editing and revising to the overall piece.

Copy Editing: Consists of medium to heavy corrections concerning grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence/paragraph structure, flow, organization, readability, formatting.

Developmental Editing: Consists of heavy copy editing, writing coaching, presentation, as well as analysis. Includes collaboration between the editor and the author(s) and is similar to rewriting as well as ghostwriting due to the intense rewriting and reformatting of the project.

Small Projects:

Business & Personal:

-Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Newsletters, Etc.

-Letters, Proposals, Speeches, Etc.

-Resumes (includes cover letter at no extra charge)

Moderate Projects:


-Term Papers, Research Papers, Etc.

-Theses, Dissertations, Etc.

Services for University Students:

All services are available to undergraduate, graduate, and ESL (English as a second language) students.

Large Projects:

Manuscripts, Etc.:

-Will be quoted upon reviewing a sample of the project, the project questionnaire, as well as assessing the research required and all other necessary factors involved in completing the said project.


Per Word: 0.10 cents

Rewrites: 0.15 cents

Per Page: $6.00-$10.00

Per Hour: $25.00-$35.00


-Professional: $60.00

-University Student: $35.00

Writing Rates:

-Per Word: 0.20 cents

-Per Hour: $25.00-$35.00

Don’t delay, contact Desired Assistance today!  See our contact information here.

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