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Hello Friends,

I wanted to make it easy for all of my blog readers, followers, and visitors to inquire about projects with my handy dandy virtual writing and editing company!  For all of Desired Assistance’s valued potential clients, we have them complete and submit a Project Questionnaire to make the expectations of the anticipated project known clearly to all parties involved.  It is the completion of the Project Questionnaire that enables you to receive a realistic Project Quote.  I’ve copied and pasted it below for your convenience.  Please fill it out and return it to me at DESIREE@DESIREDASSISTANCE.COM as soon as you’re ready to actively pursue your project.

*Please Note: I’ve included a special blank for your budget in the Project Questionnaire.  Desired Assistance does have set rates, yet we do like to work with budding companies, ministries, and individuals where they are.  So don’t be afraid!  Fill out that budget space and be honest.  Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

That said, I hope to hear from you soon and help make some of your own dreams come true!


Desiree M. Mondesir,

CEO & Founder


Project Questionnaire

Along with providing a sample (if applicable), the following information is required.  Please ignore questions that do not apply to your project (e.g., footnotes).

  1. What is the nature of your project? (Please be specific.)


  1. Describe your genre and topic (e.g., nonfiction/self-help, science fiction, horror, romance, mystery, Western, young adult, children, poetry, Christian, creative nonfiction, literary. etc.).


  1. Are you in need of editing services, writing services, or both?


  1. Who is your desired audience?


  1. What is the deadline of your project?


  1. If you have no immediate deadline, when do you want to start the editing process? (For instance: within 30 days, within 60 days, within 90 days, 4-12 months)


  1. Is this a one-time or on-going project?


  1. Any additional comments?


  1. Word count of complete project (under “Tools” in MS Word)?


  1. Level of editing desired/expected:
  • Proofreading: Light Editing (i.e. grammatical corrections, spelling, paragraph and sentence structuring, word usage)
  • Copy Editing:
    • Heavy/Substantive Editing (i.e. substantive editing: grammar, punctuation, spelling, structuring, flow/readability, etc.)
    • Developmental (i.e. help with the big picture, such as flow/readability, telling the story, characterization, structure, style, possible editor-author collaboration, reorganization of information, analysis, etc.)
  • Rewriting / Ghostwriting
  • Critique / Evaluation


  1. Writing style/format manual (e.g., Chicago Manual, APA, MLA), if applicable?


  1. Do you have a contract with an agent or publisher?


  1. If so, than what is the name of your publisher?


  1. Do you plan to self-publish?


  1. What is your budget for the entire project?
    $ ________________
    (Note: The editors will quote their regular rates, but having an idea of your budget allows the editors to tell you what services they can provide to stay within that budget.)


  1. Your name:


  1. Preferred email address:


  1. Day/evening phone numbers (required — in case the response to your email bounces or the editors need clarification regarding the scope of service needed, deadline, etc.):


  1. City, State, Country (or time zone):


  1. How did you learn about our service?


  1. Attach the first 50 pages of your manuscript (include prologue/preface, proposal, and query).


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