Submission Guidelines

We at DA Inspires love supporting and promoting other like-minded individuals with great inspiration for our readers. We just have a few guidelines for you to follow to make sure that all goes smoothly.

Inspire, Challenge, Uproot, & Demonstrate

DA Inspires is a platform to provide motivation and encouragement to our readers as well as to challenge and uproot unhealthy, toxic mindsets that plague them on a daily basis. It also a place to share demonstrations of those who are living in their God-given purposes. You need not be a Christian, however, we do ask that you respect our values.

If you would like to contribute to our blog, then please first take a moment and scan through the posts for a true feel and style of the blog.

Please keep your posts around 300 to 500 words or so accompanied by a biographical excerpt of you [and your company] and picture of yourself.


About Desiree of DA Inspires Writing for You

Desiree would love to write for your magazine, column, website, or blog.  Simply email her at or call her at 405.582.0015.  Thank you in advance!

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