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October 24, 2012

What Michael Hyatt’s New Book Platform Taught Me: Part II

This week we’re discussing Michael Hyatt’s new book Platform and some pointers that stood out to me as a soon-to-be-published author, blogger, columnist, and entrepreneur.  I know that if his book helped me, it will help you as well and I want to shout it from the rooftops that Platform is what I consider the “social media networking and marketing bible!”  If you don’t have your own copy, PLEASE get it today!

Today we’re discussing Part II of Platform which is entitled “Prepare to Launch.”  We already discussed “Part I: Start with Wow” and will now focus on getting that “wow” ready for the world to see.


Create an Elevator What?!  An Elevator Pitch. 

Before picking up Platform, I had never heard the term “elevator pitch.”  An elevator pitch is a “short summary of your product offering, including your target market (the people most likely to become your customers) and your value proposition (what you have to offer those customers).”  This consists of 4 integral components—which I will not list here (buy the book!), but I will show you what mine looks like and you can glean from there.

1) I have written a new book called The Final Hour: [Understanding the Mandates and Position of the Church].  2) It is written for anyone in church and government leadership as well as anyone with a call to ministry on any level.  3) I teach my readers three things: the mandates and mantels upon the Church, the strongmen and strongholds against the Church, and the glory of God in the last hour of the Church.  4) I thoroughly breakdown how each point operates as well as how it applies to each and every one of us. 

Elevator pitches are meant to be memorized—organically, not robotically—so when you do find yourself on an “elevator,” escalator, plane, etc., you’ll be able to “pitch” your product.  It’s brilliant really.


More Chinese: “Online Media Kit.”

This section of Michael’s book “Chapter 16: Develop an Online Media Kit,” he discusses several components, that—I don’t know about you—but I need to implement and update.  Some particular pointers that stood out to me are:

  • Navigation in the Table of Contents:

I thought this pointer was nifty as well.  To my knowledge, I am not currently able to employ this on my blogsite, but once I get a stationary website, this is definitely something I’ll consider adding.  Just like in a book, a Table of Contents helps one to “navigate” where they want to go, whether it’s reading in order or going straight to that section that stands out to them.  It is the same on a website accept instead of telling you where to navigate, it does the navigating for you!

You can see Michael’s Table of Contents on his Speaking Page.

  • Interviewer Resources:

I thought this was so nifty because sometimes interviewers may not exactly know what makes you, your product/ministry/organization/company/etc. special in the world.  So this is where you help them out by steering them in the right direction.  It comes to mind that this could help to steer away individuals who may not want relevant interviews done with you (i.e. “messy” interviewers—people who want dirt on you, people who are in irrelevant fields to yours and your interests, etc.).

  • “Wall of Fame”:

Some of you may refer to this as your testimonials, reviews, etc., but the concept is the same.  Dedicate a place on your website to the “raving reviews” of your clients, customers, patrons, etc.  It works just like it does when you’re shopping online.  The likelihood that you buy into a brand or product that has great reviews is much better than the same that has either no reviews or, worse, bad reviews!  Employ these reviews to serve as references for you and your brand.  Can’t go wrong with word-of-mouth-marketing!

Welp, I hope this helps you.  Next week, we’ll go onto Platform: Part III.  And please, please, please buy your very own copy of Platform!


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