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November 6, 2012

Godly Government eBook Soft Launch!!

Hello my lovely Subscribers, Followers, Visitors, and Friends!

You are all most welcome to my blog site.  I’m going to pause my Platform mini-series to let you know some VERY EXCITING news—today is the release of my very first book: Godly Government!

Godly Government is an eBook which is broken down into three sections: 1) “Godly Government” which is a chapter from my forthcoming book The Final Hour (you’ll be hearing more about that book in the near future), 2) similar articles written by yours truly for the What Say Ye? Column of Shulamite Women Community Magazine (SWCM), as well as a 3) Prayer Guide Index for our president, nation, economy, etc.  I believe that this short, yet poignant eBook is a message to our nation (and other nations) about what how God would have His Church on the earth to vote, act, and respond to the current political situations we find ourselves in.

Godly Government is being “soft launched” today on the Shulamite Women website.  I want to take this moment to give a big shout out and thank you to the Publisher of Shulamite Women, founder of Divine Works Publishing House, as well as the head of Divine Graphix Inc.  Without her I truly could not—and would not—have completed this project!

You can purchase your very own copy of Godly Government at the Shulamite Women Online Store at Noon EST today (11.6.12) for just $10.00 with a **special rate of $5.00 for all government students/educators**!  Aren’t you excited??  I am!

Today is also the kick-off of Godly Government’s Blog Campaign wherein all of the participants will be tweeting, Facebooking, blogging, pinning, etc. their honest reviews of my eBook.  I’ve also created a Facebook Event Page for the launch as well.  Please be sure to “attend” and let all your Facebook friends know!

I hope you’ll tell all of your family, friends, acquaintances, pastors, etc. about this book project.  I certainly believe in it and think you will too!

Please be sure to “like” my new Facebook authoress page, subscribe to my new authoress blog, and follow me on Twitter if you don’t already.

I can’t wait to hear from all of you about your thoughts on Godly Government!

Most Warmly,

Desiree, xx