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October 16, 2012

What Michael Hyatt’s New Book Platform Taught Me: Part I

Some of you may or may not know that I follow Michael Hyatt, former CEO and current Chairman of Thomas Nelson, on his blog. (I highly recommend that you subscribe to it as well.) But what you may not know is that he is the author of the new, highly acclaimed book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. I’ve read this phenomenal book and consider it the “social media networking and marketing bible.” Yep. It’s just that wonderful.

Platform is divided into five sections and thanks to my pc crashing, I was able to read it—and take mad notes, doing several bits of “upgrading homework”—in 6 days. Basically, I took a section a day and let it all sink in. I recommend you do the same or if you busier than I was while reading it—which most of you are—you can read one or two of the bite-sized chapters a day. Each chapter is the length of a blog post which makes for great, quick reading.

I’ll be devoting my next five posts to Platform and what I gleaned most from it. I hope it helps you and encourages you in your own endeavors.

• The Ins and Outs of the WOW Factor.

Chapters 2: “Bake in the Wow” and 3: “Exceed Market Expectations” focus greatly on the “wow experience” and overall, outdoing yourself in the process of presenting your “compelling product” (see Chapter 1: “Create a Compelling Product”) to the world. The “wow factor” should be a given, yet for many it is not.

In Chapter 2, Michael illustrates a meeting with his team wherein he asked them all to think of a wow factor in their own lives—the birth of a child, an adrenaline rush, travelling abroad, etc.—and to brainstorm a list of what each experience had in common. The purpose of the list was to create a list of wow factor pointers that could be translated to the marketing and presentation of your product whether it be a new book or innovative creation. Whatever you offer—even if it’s yourself (your personal brand)—you should always have a wow factor.

• Hold Out for the Wow.

As the former CEO of Thomas Nelson with years upon years of experience in publishing, Michael Hyatt is no stranger to various mindsets and events that cause one to come up with a non-wow-factor-product. Time constraints, family emergencies, unforeseen circumstances/factors, etc. Michael is no stranger to any of them. Yet at the end of the day he recognizes that whatever excuse we have, it’s not good enough to present a product that simply isn’t ready. Don’t move on to the next project. Don’t comfort yourself with excuses. Work until you reach perfection. Nothing else is acceptable.

How many of us are guilty of the same thing? How many of us turn in projects that are half-heartedly done and hope our clients won’t notice? How many of us try to pretend that the clients are the ones with an issue because they aren’t happy with the completion of their project? You could have looked over it one more time. You could have scheduled more time to complete the project. You could have…so why didn’t you? There is never an excuse for presenting something less than excellent. (See Chapters 4: “Beware of Obstacles” and 5: “Don’t Settle for Less than Great.”)

• What’s in a Name? EVERYTHING.

Shakespeare posed this question before anyone else.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”)

Well whether or not a rose named a “skunk thistle” would smell as sweet, most of us wouldn’t bother to find out. Why? Because we are innately prejudiced as human beings. If something sounds nice, we presume that it is nice. Similarly, if something sounds bad or tacky or cheap, then we presume that it is. Hence the importance of a name.

Whether it’s a book, business, or Bar-B-Que recipe, it must sound enticing to the people you want it to entice. If the name of my new book (#thefinalhour, *crossing fingers* soon to be published) doesn’t cause my target demographic/audience to run out and buy it and tell their friends about it, then the name is a failure. “Give your product a memorable name.” (See Chapter 6.) Otherwise, no one will bother to find out what it is.

Platform is AMAZING. I’ve recommended it several times over to friends and social media followers. I hope you all will run out and buy it today either in stores or online. What do you all think about Platform: Part I? Are these pointers you can agree with and relate to? Let me know!

Buy Platform.

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